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All prices are in Canadian Dollars. If you are based outside of Canada, we will agree on an exchange rate before the project begins.

EPUB Prices
Angela Googh at Lake Huron, Ontario holding two of Chris Fielden's Challenge Books. Both books contain one of Angela's stories.

Angela Googh at Lake Huron, Ontario, Canada holding two of Chris Fielden's Challenge Books. Angela is a contributing author in both books and has assisted with preparing some of the challenge books for publication. 

If you are a not-for-profit and your budget isn't quite there, contact me; I may be able to make some accommodations.


For fiction publications the rate is $5 per page, minimum $80. 

The rates above assume that all images will be provided as separate individual files, and alternate text is provided for each image.

It takes about 16 hours to convert a 55,000 word work of fiction, to the standard that I provide. Non-fiction takes a lot longer. Images, non-English words (excluding proper nouns), headings, changes in alignment, tables, font styles, formatting for poetry, drop caps etc. add to the time commitment. 

It is possible some projects will be quoted higher than the base rate, but these are intended to be the exception. I will assess your project and quote you a price. Unless the scope of the project changes, the price won't change. 

I will do a copy-to-copy proofread for style on each project.

For non-fiction publications the rate will be between $8 per page and $12 per page, minimum $150. This will include index links, footnotes, etc. If the scope agreed to doesn't change, the price won't change.


Fixed layout books will be assessed on a project by project basis.

Indexing Prices


Professional indexers charge between $3.50 and $8.50 per page.

I took the course and got a good grade. What I need is experience.


If you think I might be a good fit for your project, let's help each other.

Angela Googh rhymes with scrooge
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